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BAPP researchers are part of the recognized consolidated research groups by the Generalitat de Catalunya: Clinical Research Group in Pharmacology, and Development of Biomarkers and New Drugs (2017 SGR 138) and Research Group in Neurochemistry and Neurophysiology of Cognition in Psychiatric Diseases and development (2017 SGR 00120).

Besides, BAPP is committed to excellence in scientific quality. In the 2017-2020 triennium, 134 scientific articles were authored by BAPP researchers, 105 of which belong to the first quartile and 31 of which correspond to the first decile.

Currently, BAPP provides support to academic research, the pharmaceutical industry, and the food industry, with the identification of new therapeutic targets and the study of mechanisms of action of drugs for different pathologies (intellectual disabilities, psychiatric diseases, addictions, food disorders and infectious diseases). BAPP is also specialized in identifying and quantifying biomarkers in the fields of nutrition, toxicology, neuroscience, and environmental sciences. The main areas of expertise are related to pharmacology, bioanalysis, and peptide synthesis, and the current 7 lines of research are:

Benefits of nutrition in cognitive performance

Led by Dr. Rafael de la Torre Dr. Rafael de la Torre.

Proteomics and protein chemistry

Led by Dr. David Andreu.

Biomarkers of oxygenation, exposure and risk

Led by Dr. José Antonio Pascual.

Behavioral Pharmacology and Neurochemistry (BRaIN Lab)

Led by Dra. Patricia Robledo.

Cell-type mechanisms in normal and pathological behavior

Led by Dr. Arnau Busquets.

Applied Metabolomics

Led by Dr. Óscar Pozo.

Neuromodulation of neural networks and circuits

Led by Dra. M. Victòria Puig.

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